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DC's Legends of Tomorrow has kept getting better and better with each passing episode after a rocky first season, including knocking it out of the park with the recent season premiere. Despite its ups and down, one thing has remained constant throughout the series — Victor Garber's phenomenal performances as Martin Stein/one half of Firestorm.

Victor Garber has managed to outshine the rest of his castmates since the very beginning of the show. However, it seems like his time as Martin Stein on Legends of Tomorrow might be coming to an end with the report that Garber will be leaving the show midway through Season 3. This brings us to the most obvious question.

Who Will Replace Victor Garber?

Back in Season 2 premiere of , we saw Ronnie Raymond, the original other half of Firestorm, apparently give up his life in order to save Barry. This caused problems for Stein with his health starting to deteriorate. Team Flash then went on to recruit Jefferson Jackson to be Stein's new partner in order to stabilize his transformations into Firestorm. Now, if Stein ends up leaving the Legends for his grandchild or dying, Jefferson might undergo a similar situation. To fix that, the Legends will need someone who can partner with Jefferson to be Firestorm alongside him. Who better do that job than job than Ronnie Raymond?

But Isn't Ronnie Dead?

When it comes to comic books and superheroes, sometimes dead bodies aren't enough proof that a character is dead for good. And there is plenty of evidence that suggest we haven't seen the last of Ronnie. We never saw Ronnie's body. We only saw him getting sucked into a portal before it closed. It could have led him anywhere across the multiverse. More specifically, it could have led him to Earth-X. But, why Earth-X of all places?

All the four shows of the are currently busy filming this year's crossover episodes that started filming last week. All of our favorite superheroes will make their way to Earth-X to deal with evil versions of themselves.

Interestingly enough, a familiar face was hanging out with Caity Lotz and Danielle Panabaker around the same time that the crossover was being filmed.

While it's possible he was just hanging out with old friends, the coincidence of Robbie Amell hanging out with his old castmates in the same place and at the same time of the crossover episodes being filmed just seems a little too specific to be coincidental. Ronnie being stuck on Earth-X could be a very interesting way of bringing him back into the . With Martin Stein gone, it would be interesting to see the dynamic between Jefferson and Ronnie. That being said, it will be hard to imagine DC's Legends of Tomorrow without Victor Garber. Garber's exit would result in Legends losing another one of their original team members.

Would you be excited to see Robbie Amell back as Ronnie Raymond on DC's Legends of Tomorrow? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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