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Never heard of Rooster Teeth? Well folks, let me clue you in. I'm going to tell you about two new shows from Rooster Teeth: Day 5, and Crunch Time, in a bit, but first let me give you a little history. Rooster Teeth is an online content provider/production house from that tech hotbed of Austin, TX, and have been plugging along since 2003.

Rooster Teeth started by producing an animated episodic web series called Red vs. Blue, which is the longest running show of its kind in history. Basically a parody of first-person shooter video games (using the gaming background from the Halo series), the military, and sci-fi films, the show morphed from an intended short run series into a 14 season juggernaut! Here's an glimpse of what Red vs. Blue is all about:

Evolution Into Live-Action Content

After a few years of wowing internet audiences with their animated fare, Rooster Teeth took the leap into live-action content, releasing a series of comedic videos called RT Shorts, which proved to be wildly popular. Here's a snippet:

A New Generation For Rooster Teeth

This gradual success has led to a full-on expansion into honest-to-God, fully scripted fare just like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu provide. The first of these is the post-apocalyptic horror series — Day 5.

1. Day 5

courtesy Rooster Teeth
courtesy Rooster Teeth

Set in the present day, Day 5 opens with a druggie name Jake who leaves his house in search of a lighter so he can continue his extended drug-fueled bender. He finds the streets eerily empty and stumbles upon a dead homeless person in a park near his home. He discovers through TV reports that a mysterious event has happened: everyone who has fallen asleep in the last 24 hours died in their sleep. The only other person he finds alive is 13-year-old Sam, and they band together to find as many uppers and other stimulants as they can to stay awake and alive.

Through the next few episodes they encounter other survivors, with many welcome twists and turns in the plot. The scripts have a good blend of humor and horror, the production values are good, and the acting is top notch, with a couple of veterans from The Walking Dead (Jesse C. Boyd as Jake, and Davi Jay as an irascible pilot named Ellis) leading the way, with an ample supporting cast. Season 1 consists of six episodes, but talks are underway for multiple seasons. The great thing about the Rooster Teeth content is that after an initial blackout period, you can catch the premiere episode on YouTube (how cool is that?!) Here's a taste:

Well worth checking out. Which leads us to Rooster Teeth's newest offering:

2. Crunch Time

courtesy Rooster Teeth
courtesy Rooster Teeth

Crunch Time is more aligned with the comedic/parody slant that is in Rooster Teeth's wheelhouse: in this case, an over-the-top parody of sci-fi. The narrative unfolds in an interrogation setting, with two hard-boiled government agents grilling the lovable, nerdy losers (above) about a catastrophic event that threatens the existence of the entire universe. No high stakes there, right?

courtesy Rooster Teeth
courtesy Rooster Teeth

Turns out the loser scientists in question have a device that can see into and influence the dreams of dogs — yes, dogs. Now while that may be cute, it can't bring down the universe, can it? Wrong! Sam, a trust fund kid who finances his friend Conner's scientific experiments, begs Conner to use the device to get inside his girlfriend Hannah's dreams. Why, you may ask? Because Hannah just dumped Sam's sorry ass, and he wants to manipulate her into taking him back. Conner reluctantly agrees, and hilarity ensues.

courtesy Rooster Teeth
courtesy Rooster Teeth

Parodying such films as Inception, Nightmare on Elm Street, Brainstorm, Strange Days, Dreamscape, and many others, the gang turns a simple head trip into a boiling hot mess, endangering the entire universe in the process. Add to that sex scenes with Casper Van Dien, women shooting lasers from their breasts, and a chainsaw-wielding Santa(!), well, you get the drift — it's wacky! Here's a peek:

As with Day 5, the scripts are great, the special effects are surprisingly good, and the actors hail from such hits as Freaks and Geeks, Ray Donovan, and True Detective. Crunch Time also has a six episode first season, but the odds of multiple seasons seem like a good bet to me.

Now That You Know About Rooster Teeth And Their New Shows, Will You Take The Leap? What's Your Favorite Rooster Teeth Show?


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