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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has changed Star Wars forever. It's proved that Lucasfilm don't have to continue the main Skywalker Saga — instead, they can broaden the franchise out with spinoff stories! With Rogue One to be followed by a Han Solo origin film, fans are eagerly speculating as to what comes next — and one name is being mentioned more than most.

Ahsoka Tano, the Apprentice of Anakin Skywalker.

But who could play the part? For one fan, there was no choice at all; they reached out to (of Daredevil fame), and — well, let's just say Dawson's response was definitely in favor!

But for the uninitiated, who is Ahsoka Tano? Would Lucasfilm be wise to do a live-action version of the character? And would Rosario Dawson be a good choice?

Who Is Ahsoka?

When launched The Clone Wars animated series back in 2008, it revealed a shocking revelation; that Anakin Skywalker had taken on a Padawan. That's right — in the years between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, Anakin had truly become a Jedi Master. Ahsoka Tano was his Apprentice, a sharp-tongued and eager-to-please Togruta female.

Initial fan reaction to Ahsoka was mixed, but fans were gradually won over by Ashley Eckstein's voicework and the skilfully woven plots of The Clone Wars. Ultimately, though, a string of tragedies led to Ahsoka losing faith in the Jedi Order, and she ultimately left to find a new path. Ironically, this saved her from Order 66, and she was one of the few Jedi to survive the horrific events of Revenge of the Sith. Her personal quest — from lone wolf to rebel — was charted in the novel Ahsoka, released last year.

Ahsoka returned in , initially as the mysterious 'Fulcrum' agent. Returning at the end of Season 1, she soon became a core member of the team, and gradually discovered the truth of Darth Vader's identity — a discovery that broke her heart. Events came to a head on Malachor, and Ahsoka wound up face-to-face with her old Master. Although Vader clearly surpassed her in power, we never actually saw her die; her fate remains curiously ambiguous.

Could Ahsoka Become a Live-Action Character?

Continuity in the Star Wars universe is remarkably consistent, and a number of characters cross between different mediums. Perhaps the best example is the brutal rebel leader Saw Gerrera, who — like Ahsoka — was introduced in The Clone Wars. The character played a key role in Rogue One, has returned to Star Wars Rebels, and played a major role in the novel Catalyst. His story will be further explored later in the year, when Lucasfilm publish the young-readers novel Rebel Rising.

As Saw Gerrera proves, Lucasfilm is willing to let characters transition from one medium to another. Given that Ahsoka herself has already transitioned over into a novel, there's no reason she couldn't also feature — or at least cameo — in a live-action Star Wars movie. I have to admit, though, that I'd be concerned if she lived too long after A New Hope; her survival would raise awkward questions about why Luke never trained with her. After all, surely she'd react to the surname 'Skywalker'?

Would Rosario Dawson Suit the Character?

Rosario Dawson in 'Luke Cage'. [Credit: Netflix]
Rosario Dawson in 'Luke Cage'. [Credit: Netflix]

Rosario Dawson's star is on the rise after the success of Daredevil; she's become a mainstay of Marvel's Netflix universe. Fans have simply fallen in love with the quality of her acting, and she'd definitely suit Ahsoka's character — an odd mix of vulnerability and confidence, which has developed over the course of years.

What's more, although most fans associate Dawson mostly with the Netflix shows right now, she actually has a rich history in film; you may remember her from Sin City, Descent, or Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Personally, I definitely think she has the skill to pull it off.

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Lucasfilm clearly has plans for Ahsoka; there's a reason her fate was left ambiguous. In the short-term, those plans probably include an ultimate return to Star Wars: Rebels, but personally I can see no reason why the character couldn't be further developed in a live-action version. And Rosario Dawson, in my view, would be a perfect choice to play the part.


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