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Will Wharton

I like the beach. It provides an excuse to wear my Speedo without the screams of children echoing around me. I mean, it still happens but to a lesser extent at the beach, the sand absorbs most of the unpleasant sounds. Not all sounds though, as I found out one fateful day as my buddy Xian and I decided to engage in a bit of what we call extra-friendship. These noises were heard by many around the enclosed ski-resort beach and resulted in the two of us being ejected from our expensive love-nest in the Alps. It didn't matter though, the two of us found a cave on the mountainside and kept warm by thinking of the scene in Twilight: Eclipse when Bella slept in a cave on a mountainside (that happened, right?). That was a great movie. Man, I wish I was a vampire.

Someone who isn't engaging in extra-friendship on the beach is the lovely Rosario Dawson who seems to be taking a bit of time off from her hectic schedule. Some sneaky paparazzo managed to snap these pics and we're all the better for it. You can check out more here.


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