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Rose McGowan has long been a voice for feminism in Hollywood and for women everywhere. With the upcoming release of her memoir, Brave, the actress revealed why she's rebelling against the "ideal version of a woman."

In an exclusive excerpt published on i-D, McGowan describes how Hollywood producers made her feel as if she had to hide her true self behind a sexy image. It's a feeling that many women can equate to, even if they're not actresses:

"My long hair had always made me uncomfortable. It felt like I had a plant on my head and a sex target on my back. It made men en masse look at me while the real me disappeared."

McGowan's revelation goes a lot deeper. She felt that she had to be sexy enough to appeal to the men who could control her career:

"I was literally told I had to have long hair otherwise the men doing the hiring in Hollywood wouldn't want to f*ck me and if they didn't want to f*ck me, they wouldn't hire me. I was told this by my female agent, which is tragic on many levels. So, so evil and so, so sad. Evil because I took the information from an older woman who was the mouthpiece for what Hollywood wants, and she was right."

McGowan is brutally honest in the message that she's conveying to women readers:

"All of the suggestive messaging/imaging that we as women get from TV, film, media and advertising tells us to have long hair so we too can be sexy, but we on the other side of the camera get it told to us directly, like a hotline phone call directly from what 'the man' wants."

Without a doubt, Rose McGowan is attempting to reassure women everywhere that you can be who you are, no matter what society pressures you to be.

Brave will release from HarperCollins in January 2018.

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