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From '90s Hollywood starlet to brave feminist pioneer battling the evils of modern day Hollywood, Rose McGowan has become one of the most outspoken, and important, women of our time. Not afraid to say exactly what she thinks, Rose continues to champion women the world over from calling Caitlyn Jenner out for her sexist comments after being voted Glamour's woman of the year in 2015, to raging against a sexist article about Renee Zellweger written by the new chief film critic at Variety. If you're a victim of bigoted prejudice, Rose has got you covered.

Famously dropped by her agents after standing up to Hollywood's sexist culture, Rose has since thrown herself behind numerous causes such as the campaign, as well as starting her own anti-sexism movement, the 'Rose Army.' Now, following up from her shocking Twitter revelation last week that she had been raped and made to feel shame as a result of her abuse, Rose is now urging other sufferers to do the right thing, rise up and 'take a stand' against their attackers, although rather aggressively.

"Take A Stand, You Are Culpable For Your Actions"


Her Tweet begins with a rally cry to both men and women working in the entertainment industry who have been the victims of abuse, firstly urging them to 'be brave.' She then goes on to ask them not to work with the perpetrators of their abuse because in doing so, it makes them no better than they are. It's time to take a stand against them because silence is a choice.

"Stop Rewarding Sociopaths"

By being brave and taking a stand, Rose goes on to state that we stop this culture of rewarding sociopaths for their criminal, abhorrent behavior. Bringing a degree of ferocity to her Tweet she goes as far as to state that if you remain quiet after becoming the victim of abuse, you are in effect 'aiding and abetting a crime,' which makes you no better than a criminal.

"Why Are You So Cowardly That You Would Take The Softer, Easier Way Out?"

RM486 Music Video
RM486 Music Video

Next, Rose raises a couple of important questions:

  • 1. How many stories do we have to hear before victims start doing the right thing and stop rewarding their male predators?
  • 2. Why are so many victims cowardly in the face of their abuse, and chose instead to say nothing?

While her point is of course understandable, it is worth discussing whether using this aggressive tone against victims is not also shaming them for their own abuse, actually proving to be counterproductive.

"Your Personal Legacy, The Very Fabric Of Your Being Is At Stake"

Rose closes her statement by saying that by being cowardly, victims inadvertently damage their inners souls. Everything they stand for and everything they are as people is at stake and so it absolutely demands fighting for. She goes on to finish by stating that it's actually part of the healing process; standing up to aggressors is the only thing that will allow victims to move on, to 'break free from the bonds of secrecy' and go on living again.

Read Rose's Full Tweet Here:


Is Rose's hard approach to victims of abuse helpful or a hindrance?


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