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Once Upon a Time has been returning to many old stories this season, with mermaid Ariel reprising her role this spring, among others.

When we last saw the show, Regina and Emma were trapped in an alternate universe because Regina had seen Robin Hood, her true love who had passed in the season prior.

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

With the return of Robin (Sean Maguire) there is little surprise from the announcement that creators of the show, Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis gave yesterday. It appears that everyone's favorite green fairy, Tinker Bell, is returning to OUAT, played once again by the lovely .

“Tinker Bell was integral to Regina discovering her destiny with Robin Hood, so it only stands to reason that with Sean Maguire’s return to the show, our favorite fairy would pop back in for a visit. We’re thrilled that Rose McIver was able to join us once again.”

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Given that in this alternate universe Robin Hood believes that Regina is still the Evil Queen, it is no surprise to have the fairy return. She was the one who revealed to Regina that Robin was her true love in the first place, so perhaps Regina will seek out her help to prove that she isn't as bad as she seems.

Let's just hope that this was from before Tinker Bell lost her wings because of Regina.

Rose has since found success in her TV show , which comes back in April to the CW. However, for this Once fan, I am really excited to see her back in the role of the lovely but tempered Tinker Bell.

To whet your appetite before the return of the second half of the season, here's the promo for the next episode "Tougher Than the Rest":

The show may not be coming back for almost another two months, but at least we can have fun anticipating the return of some of our favorite characters until then.

returns Sunday, March 5.

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