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The Roseanne revival has been full of news even as it has yet to hit the air. Last month, we learned that Dan is returning to the show (from the dead?), making it clear that the revival will be ignoring the confusing Season 9 finale — and the latest casting news continues to support that. It appears that the Healy family just got bigger, and little Mark, played by Ames McNamara, finally has his big sister. According to THR, Shameless star, Emma Kenney will take on the role as Harris.

Emma Kenney in 'Shameless' [Credit: Showtime]
Emma Kenney in 'Shameless' [Credit: Showtime]

Baby Harris Conner Healy was born prematurely to Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and David (Johnny Galecki) in Season 9. Despite the finale eradicating Harris's existence by coupling Darlene with David's brother Mark, and David with Beck — the revival is righting that wrong, and 21-years later she's (mostly) grown up. I have to admit, Kenney does look quite like actress Sara Gilbert, so the casting couldn't have been more on point. There's also no doubt the Shameless actress can pull of this latest role.

THR is reporting that Darlene and company have uprooted their life from Chicago to Landford, and Harris isn't too happy about it. The new teenage character is said to have a big heart, but she's the complete opposite of her rebel mother and more like her aunt Becky. Harris hates the socioeconomic status of her family so she consciously makes an effort to fit in with those on top.

Emma Kenney in 'Shameless' [Credit: Showtime]
Emma Kenney in 'Shameless' [Credit: Showtime]

Kenney will be joined by a number of returning stars like Lecy Goranson, Sarah Chalke, Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Michael Fishman and Laurie Metcalf who will reprise their roles. It's a great thing the revival is continuing to add to its cast, as it's giving a sense of familiarity, but also something fresh. Let's hope that the nostalgia of the '90s won't be the only thing driving this show and that it evolves by capitalizing on the balance of seriousness and comedy that made it so great. Roseanne will premiere midseason in 2018 on ABC.

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[Source: Hollywood Reporter]


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