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It's official: Rogue One is going to own December, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Tickets aren't even on sale yet in the US, but early projections have the Gareth Edwards-directed spin-off on track to earn between $100m and $140m in its opening weekend stateside.

For a point of reference beyond "fuck, that's a lot of dollar," Doctor Strange earned $85m in its opening weekend, Fantastic Beasts made $75m, and Suicide Squad took $134m after being projected for an opening in the $100-150m range.

"These suckers just keep coming, lolz!" (Lucasfilm)
"These suckers just keep coming, lolz!" (Lucasfilm)

Ultimately, these numbers (if proven accurate when actually hits theaters) are healthy evidence that when it comes to Star Wars, Disney can do pretty much whatever it wants — nobody knew a thing about Rogue One before the promo blitz began, it features no Jedi, and only the involvement of Darth Vader was used to tempt casual fans.

If those numbers do hold up, there's every chance Rogue One could join Finding Dory, Civil War, and Zootopia in 2016's exclusive billion-dollar club.

Long story short, if you're one of the seven people in your city who is not already a little bit moist at the prospect of yet more adventures in that galaxy far, far away where seemingly everybody belongs to one of two families*, you might wanna scrap your Christmas plans and go into hibernation for a few weeks.

(*Okay, Jyn might not be related to Rey. But then again, she probably is.)

Rogue One tickets are rumored to go on sale within the next week. The movie hits theaters December 16.

Will Rogue One deliver a twist as big as that death in The Force Awakens?

(Source: Deadline)


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