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Rowan Blanchard may be best known as Riley Matthews, Cory's and Topanga's daughter on Disney Channel's Girl Meets World, but she's also an important voice. She's not turning up in every hit movie, but instead, she's showing actors and actresses (and fans) everywhere today that there is far more to being a Hollywood presence than turning in a performance. Here's why...

She's Showing What Real Friendship Looks Like

In August, when she was dealing with rumors that it was because of her that Disney had not yet officially renewed Girl Meets World for a fourth season, she immediately took to social media to describe how distressing the rumors were — and her friends followed up with messages of support.

Blanchard Is An Open Feminist, And She's Only 14

In speaking to the United Nations Women's annual conference, she said, "When I was in preschool, I played catch with the other kids, and was told I threw 'like a girl.' I have been a feminist ever since."

It's very difficult for preteens to find role models their own age that portray very sensitive and bright characters and yet also seem very much the same in real life.

She's Showing Teenagers It's Okay To Be Who They Are

Much was made over the fact that she came out in January 2016 and said that she didn't want to follow any sort of label whether it means she's "gay, straight or whateva," as she said in a Twitter post. It doesn't get much better than that, as far as role models go.

While the debate continues about whether or not Girl Meets World will see a fourth season, Blanchard continues to heat up pages and screens as she spreads some very important messages about self-acceptance and being who you should be, rather than who people expect you to be.

Now, if Disney Channel will just go ahead and renew Girl Meets World and give fans something to look forward to beyond 2017!

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