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Brian Salisbury

If you were to find yourself in a horror movie, heaven forbid, and you were being besieged by monsters, one thing you would certainly want to have on your side is someone who knows how to fight. The upcoming UK horror flick Armistice drops a Royal Marine into the thick of a full-on demonic onslaught to see if his combat training will serve him at all against the forces of darkness.

Bloody-Disgusting has this exclusive clip from Armistice, directed by Luke Massey, which will debut on VOD January 7th. Frankly, I think the movie looks a bit cheap. That's not to say a film need have a giant budget to be great, but am I the only one who thinks the "demons" in this film look an awful lot like "guys in hoodies with mud on their faces?"

You be the judge...

Armistice(2014) Exclusive Clip "First Attack - Watch a funny movie here


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