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Sophie Atkinson


A few weeks after claims that was 'snubbed' backstage by Queen Bey, this picture gives us the lowdown on what really happened!

Pictured together with Californian indie band, Death Grips, known for their famously dissonant music, this could be the most unlikely group of musicians and music lovers ever! The pic was published on Death Grips' Facebook page and the band's rep has confirmed that it's not a photoshopped picture.

It's always fun to see a picture of a sleb looking blissed out in the company of their hero (or in this case, heroine) - Rob's trying to be all cool, hands in pocket, but check out that distinctly overexcited grin! We reckon this meeting made his night.

This was taken on 1 July backstage at Beyonce's concert in LA at the Staples Center, which looked ultra fun - check out Kim Kardashian's instagram of the concert below.

Finally, you guys should definitely try listening to my fave Death Grips song below. A former flatmate described it in the following: if you can make it through watching it a few times in a row, you'll love it! If not, well, it's probably just headache fodder...



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