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If you've seen budding Swedish director Ruben Östlund's 2014 film Force Majeure, it's safe to say that you've been waiting with bated breath to see what he would come out with next. And now, it seems he's outdone himself and created this year's Palme d'Or winner at with a film that sounds completely bonkers and utterly amazing, The Square.

is a satirical drama with biting social commentary, starring (who seems to be in everything good these days), Claes Bang, Dominic West (The Wire), Terry Notary, and Christopher Læssø. The film follows Christian (Bang), a respected curator of a contemporary art museum, whose next exhibition, called "The Square," turns from what is supposed to be a reminder to those who see it to live up to their ideals into a full-out shit show that drags both Christian and the museum through an escalating moral and existential crisis. Check out a clip:

The Square wasn't expected to win the prestigious Palme d'Or — judging by the enthused but not overwhelming critical reception — so the win was a bit of an upset. However, critics do not choose the winner and the final decision is taken by the Cannes Jury, which was led this year by acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar and consisted of Jessica Chastain, Will Smith, Paolo Sorrentino, Fan Bingbing, Agnès Jaoui, Park Chan-wook, Gabriel Yared, and Maren Ade.

first stirred up headlines internationally with his 2014 film Force Majeure, another biting satire about the emotions that arise after a father abandons his family during an avalanche on their skiing trip. Although no one is hurt, the implications of his actions, and how the family deals with them, twist into a complex commentary on middle-class values. The Square marks Östlund's fifth feature film and, at the young age of 43, I'm sure we can expect more top-notch jabs at the bourgeoisie from this talented director in the years to come.

So far The Square has no US release date but it will be arriving in Östlund's native Sweden on August 25.

Did you like Force Majeure? Are you excited to see The Square?


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