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She may not have been a household name when she took on the role of Stella in Season 3 of 's hit drama , but she quickly became one. Yes, I am talking about Ruby Rose, the wildly adventurous and stunningly beautiful 30-year-old Australian actress who you will be seeing a lot of in the next year.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Before she made her way onto a hit TV show, Rose was living life in Australia as a jack-of-all-trades. Her extensive resume includes being a model, DJ, recording artist, TV host and MTV VJ. She also won the hearts of fans for her openness regarding her personal life; Rose came out as a lesbian at the age of 12 and describes herself as genderfluid.

She's very likable and it's no surprise that she quickly made friends throughout Hollywood. Filmmakers did not think twice about snatching her up for roles — she's been extremely busy, and there certainly seems to be a theme with her upcoming projects:

1. XXX: Return of Xander Cage

Credit: Paramount
Credit: Paramount

Premiere Date: January 20, 2017

Role: Vin Diesel reprises his role as operative Xander Cage in the long-awaited sequel. Coming out of exile, Cage is assigned to a mission by the CIA to find a dangerous weapon known as "Pandora's Box" before a man named Xiang gets ahold of it. The weapon has the ability to control military satellites, and Cage puts together a squad to recover it — including sharpshooter Adele Wolff (Rose) and hacker Becky Clearidge (Nina Dobrev).

2. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Credit: Screen Gems
Credit: Screen Gems

Premiere Date: January 27, 2017 (U.S.)

Role: The last installment of the franchise finds Alice (Milla Jovovich) back in Raccoon City in the final fight against the undead. The Umbrella Corporation is set to take out the remaining survivors of the apocalypse, so Alice reunites with old friends for one more chance to save humanity. One of those allies includes Abigail (Rose) who is a skilled weapon maker, something that will certainly come in handy.

3. John Wick: Chapter 2

Credit: Summit Entertainment
Credit: Summit Entertainment

Premiere Date: February 10, 2017

Role: The sequel to the Keanu Reeves-driven thriller brings ex-hitman back out of retirement because of a blood oath with a former associate. Wick finds himself in Rome fighting against some of the world's best assassins including Ares (Rose). Ares also happens to be mute, so Rose had to learn sign language for the movie.

4. Pitch Perfect 3

Credit: Universal Pictures
Credit: Universal Pictures

Premiere Date: December 22, 2017

Role: Rehearsals have just started for the newest installment so there hasn't been many plot details announced as of yet. Besides much of the core cast returning, we did learn that Ruby Rose has a secret role in the upcoming film. There is talk that there will be a new rival group for the Bellas so I would not be surprised if Rose is a member considering her musical background. Stay tuned!

5. Meg

Premiere Date: March 2, 2018

Role: Based on the novel Meg: A Novel Of Deep Terror by Steve Alten, the film stars Jason Statham as a naval captain and expert diver who takes on a suicide mission to rescue a team of scientists stuck underwater, being hunted by a 70-foot shark. Ruby Rose will play Jaxx Herd, a genius and member of the research team. Not a sequel but it has potential to become a franchise!

Clearly if you are casting for a badass female character, then Ruby Rose is who you need to call. Her Instagram proves just how deep she takes her roles with all of her videos showcasing her weapon training, workouts, and stunts. Having someone who takes that much pride in her work is never a bad thing — and Hollywood is noticing.


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