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Vilius Petrikas

Many people graduate in some degree of an art form. But how many of them really succeed at continuing making their art and getting it out into the world? I´m talking about the passionate artist who have real talent. I myself have seen have seen my fellow graduates including me, working in restaurants, clothing shops, grocery stores etc. It is weird how quickly dreams can be crushed by the lack of opportunities.

Internet crowdfunding could be the biggest breakthrough that has ever happened in this matter. Giving fans a chance of helping the artist accomplish their dreams and being a part of them. Every day hundreds if not thousands of people support all kind of projects through the crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, RocketHub and so on. The artists can reach their budget goals and in the process gather new audience.

With all of this in mind, I decided to make a project: a feature film in the genre of Mystery and Horror. A film that would require talent from many art forms like acting, music, cinematography, makeup, hairstyling, costume designing, set designing, prop making... the list goes on and on. The first support we got was from “Evropa Unga Folksins” or which was enough to start the project going but not nearly enough to make the whole film, making us turn to the audience themselves and the crowndfunding platforms.

The film is based on a very simple idea, a dark and unknown world hidden from the majority of humanity. Me Vilius Petrikas and Giil Taws went to write the script to the feature film Ruins. This is how the story of Dr Malphas Corson an English archaeologist came to be:

Dark clouds approach from the distant horizon in the icelandic fjord. Fridjon, an old farmer gathers driftwood from the calm ocean. Something in the water draws his attention. A black suitcase. How did it get there? Who does it belong to? And last but not least: What’s inside? After cutting the locks away, Fridjon discovers a tape recorder containing the diary of Dr. Corson, who has come to Iceland on the quest to finish his lifelong research on an ancient cult and the Gates of Hell. This is his last chance to succeed and luckily he has come to the right place. But somebody on the trip had different plans: opening the Gates of Hell. Friðjón witnesses the following events through Dr. Malphas diary.


To build up audience and give them a little taste of the film, I and the team of Ruins made a little teaser. And now we are reaching out to the fans of horror and mystery genres to make this story into a feature film. Check out our teaser and see if you are interested in being a part of Ruins!


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