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Peter Parker has seemingly teamed up with Marvel's greatest characters. From the Avengers, to the Hulk, to the X-Men, Spidey has inserted himself into some amazing stories. However, in the movie world, he's still been a standalone figure that has failed to incorporate any characters from Marvel's wide roster. That's mostly due to rights: Marvel, Fox, and Sony all have legal obligations about which characters they can and can not use. However, after the success of The Avengers and upcoming DC crossover properties like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it makes sense that Sony would start to introduce new available characters into director 's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or The Spectacular Spider-Man. And if new quotes from producer tell us anything, it's that introducing new characters is something that they're seriously considering.

In a conversation with Den of Geek, super producer Arad remained coy when asked whether Marvel superheroes would cross their way over into 's Spider-Man playground. Here's what he had to say:

I'd rather not answer that at this point. This is what the word 'spoiler' means. We want to always leave the audience with a couple of surprises. All of a sudden, you feel like, yeah, there's a continuity. So if we say today how we go about it, we’d take away from the surprise of the movie.

It's interesting that Arad would be so open and so guarded about this idea. If he wanted to keep the possibility a secret, he could have just said that they weren't planning on doing anything like this at all. It feels like a confirmation without being a confirmation.

So, what do you guys think? Do you think they've made a deal to incorporate other Marvel characters into Spidey's world? In my dream world, Sony would make a deal with Fox and have Spider-Man appearing in a new X-Men film.

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