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Could Sony's upcoming movie Venom get any more promising? The news that Tom Hardy will star as Venom in the 2018 release just about killed the internet. We recently found out that Carnage would be the villain of the story, which is set in the same reality as the Marvel Universe. It probably won't come with even a cameo from Spider-Man, but that really might be a good thing.

Rejoice again, Venom fans! The folks at report that Ann Weying will be appearing in the movie. See for yourself:

Comic book fans know all about Ann Weying, and I can see those wheels turning. The script is calling for an actress aged 25-32, and there's a chance her job could be rewritten for the movie. She's known as Eddie Brock's lawyer ex-wife in the comics, but with any luck, she'll also have another identity in the movie.

Ann Weying Is She-Venom

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Or Bride of Venom, if you please. Whatever name she takes, whether it has the word “Venom” in it, or if she just goes by Ann Weying, this news raises a few questions.

In the Amazing Spider-Man comics, there are story arcs involving Venom, Weying, and and his fake parents (don't ask). In a nutshell, Weying gets shot and the symbiote bonds with her so she can be healed. As She-Venom, she goes on a killing rampage, which leaves Weying scarred for life once the symbiote leaves her to rejoin Brock. Later, driven by depression and haunted by her actions, Weying jumps out of her apartment window to her death.

What could this mean for Venom?

We Could Be Closer To An R-Rating

Deadpool and Logan have proven that R-rated superhero movies can rock it at the box office, and it's been rumored that Venom will earn the same rating. The addition of Ann Weying and her alter-ego She-Venom could be the final ingredient in that recipe – with a capital “R.”

A script that explores her depression and resulting suicide, along with the psychotic tendencies that come along with the Venom symbiote? All of that could add up to an R-rating... if Weying isn't just being set up for a potential sequel.

Who do you think could play Ann Weying? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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