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Despite director 's incessant tweeting, things appear to be going really well on the set of X-Men: Days Of Future Past. In fact, things seem to be going so well that the original July release date has been moved up to May 23, 2014. Granted, that's mostly to take advantage of the long Memorial Day weekend and it'll ensure that there's less competition with other summer blockbusters, but I'll take it.

However, that's not the biggest, cosmic, most amazing fanboy news to come out of the X-Men universe. Listen up: It looks like will return to the series after butchered The Dark Phoenix storyline in X3.

If you've been reading any of my other DoFP news (you can click "follow" by my name up top to get all of the latest updates), you've probably noticed that I have an obsession with Jean Grey, aka Phoenix, aka the best character in the history of comics ever. If you don't agree with me, let's just agree to disagree here. But let's also look at the facts:

  • When she's evil, she's destroyed billions of lives by eating a star.
  • She can control all forms of matter, thus turning anything into whatever she wants.
  • She's reached back in time to change the future.
  • The fact that the Phoenix Force uses Jean Grey as a host allows us to treat it as an emotional being. That makes Jean's ultimate sacrifice even better.
  • She's always able to come back when you think she's dead.
  • She has really great hair.

Jean Grey's return has been rumored ever since it was announced that Bryan Singer would bridge the gap between his original X-Men movies with the prequel established in X-Men: First Class. While he's announced every mutant and their mother joining the cast of his new film, the return of Jean Grey hasn't even been teased. It's infuriating. The closet we've seen her getting back in the role are in trailers for The Wolverine and the random Sumi-e ink-inspired posters for that film.

That all changed when was cast in a mystery role (people assume he's playing a younger Cyclops) and , who originally played Scott Summers, was spotted on a flight to Montreal where the film is shooting. But the real news here is that Helman is listed as having a stunt double, alongside Famke Jannsen. That's the first we've heard that she'll appear in the film at all. The film will also reportedly take place all over the globe, including Japan, France, Russia, and China.

My nerd dreams are coming true, y'all. Famke will be back and she'll presumably have fight scenes alongside Iceman, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Sunspot, Beast, Blink, Storm, and Wolverine. Here's hoping that she's not just being placed in a mutant internment camp in the film's apocalyptic future.

Let me know whether you love Jean Grey as much as I do in the comments or if you hate her. If that's the case, what's wrong with you?!

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