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Scott Pierce is reporting (via The Wrap) that Warner Bros. is seriously considering making a standalone Aquaman film, as well as Wonder Woman. While rumors of a WW movie have been circulating for quite some time with actresses like , , , and all vying for the role, the idea of an Aquaman adaptation is new. Since they're prepping for the inevitable Justice League Part One movie, it all kind of makes sense that they would want to follow in Marvel's footsteps with The Avengers.

Naturally, this is all slightly weird considering that it's pretty much universally accepted that Aquaman is an outdated character. While Batman and Superman are undeniably awesome, Aquaman just seems slimy and smelly since he telepathically communicates with sea creatures all of the time. I honestly think that the majority of moviegoers out there still view Aquaman as that blonde guy with perfectly coiffed hair, as opposed to a badass, burly king of Atlantis.

In the end, that's DC's dilemma for Justice League: How do you create a hodgepodge team of superheroes like The Avengers when they seem so much more out there than Marvel's modern establishment?

Do you guys want an Aquaman movie?

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