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It can't be easy when you're more notorious for being the guy who broke up 'Robsten' than for your directing work. , who was caught by paparazzi kanoodling with last year, has now signed up to direct a biopic on the fascinating historical figure of the early-19th-century French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Considered by many to be one of the greatest strategists and military tacticians in European History, Napoleon rose to power in the aftermath of the French Revolution, at first substituting the ineffective Directorate with a triumvirate of 'consuls' through a coup (he appointed himself First Consul). He began to assume absolute powers, and in 1804, crowned himself as the first Emperor of France, Napoleon I. In the first decade of the 1800s, he managed to conquer most of Europe, and appoint family members as kings and his proxies in countries like Spain, and what later would become the modern states of Italy and Germany. He won decisive battles such as the Battle of Austerlitz, and forged alliances with Middle Eastern countries while also selling the territory of Louisiana to a young United States. In 1812, after his failed invasion of Russia and the guerrilla resistance in Spain severely undermining his military assets, things started to go downhill for the Corsican. He was defeated by the Sixth Coalition and exiled to Elba. He escaped and reclaimed the Imperial throne for a hundred days, before being deposed again and exiled to the island of Saint Helena in the Atlantic, where he died of stomach cancer in 1821.

With Sanders ready to direct, he's being joined by Gianni Nunari as producer and as scriptwriter. The movie is expected to depict Napoleon's life without leaving out the gore aspect and the bloody battles.

Sanders had previously made his directing debut with Snow White and the Huntsman, during the filming of which he met and became involved with Twilight star Kristen Stewart. After the scandal hit the press (Sanders was at the time married to , KStew immersed in a long-time relationship with co-star ), the producers of the movie confirmed that Sanders won't be returning to direct the sequel, since they feel the negative attention derived from the affair has hurt publicity for the actual film. Actor , on the other hand, will apparently be returning for Snow White and the Huntsman 2, which starts filming next month. Sanders meanwhile, has two projects in the works: The Kill List and 90 Church.

What do you think? Will the Napoleon biopic deliver? Did you enjoy Snow White and the Huntsman? What version of Nap do you think we'll get to see? Does Sanders have what it takes to be a big name in Hollywood, or will he forever be remembered as the guy KStew cheated on Rpattz with?

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