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Tino Jochimsen

What does Russel Crowe have against Michael Fassbender? Just today we reported that the Gladiator was circling the role of biblical hero and Captain of Tigger’s heart Noah, a role that was rumored to be Fassbender’s to take. As if this wasn’t enough Crowe now is in talks to play the lead in the remake of RoboCop. Again, Fassbender was said to be the favorite for the role, although the actor only admitted to have had a word with the director. What the hell Russell?

But kidding aside, it seems like Crowe has shaked of the semi-failure (commercially, as well as critically) of Robin Hood and decided to star in some big big movies again.

We think the archaic Noah would suit Crowe’s talents more. But the man got a pleasing enough voice to make one forget, that he would have to wear a helmet most of the RoboCop remake, so there might also be an upside to this match.


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