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Even though has turned into a South Park parody of himself, it's not all bad. Lately, he's been getting us particularly excited about Man of Steel by essentially reviewing 's performance. He also let us know that it's really not going to be a musical:

Excellent. That's Russell Crowe's one word review of Man of Steel. Even though I had a lot of initial fears as to why Man of Steel may fall flat, the buzz I'm hearing seems more legitimate with each passing day.

As such, let's take a look at some GIFs to show what probably went through Russell Crowe's head while enjoying the screening.

Henry Cavill still represents a specific slice of Americana. His new persona doesn't alienate people:

He works on a boat instead of being a journalist:

He hitchhikes (and you'd probably pick him up):

He's friendly to animals:

And then he just becomes a superhero when necessary:

He's just like, "Move! Move!" and people listen:

And then he just jumps and props up an oil rig like it's NBD...

...Because he's the Man of Steel:

He flies like Superman should fly:



Showing off a little bit because he can:

However, sometimes it doesn't go over so well...

Like when he's thrown into walls:

But then he makes up for it!

By saving Lois Lane:

And she's just into it:

Because he's Superman!

He jokes:

He's flirtatious:

He's occasionally aloof:

But in the end, he wears the cape better than anyone since :

Are you guys as excited for Man of Steel as Russell Crowe? How do you think the reviews will stack up compared to Bryan Singer's movie?

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