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's live-action adaptation of their 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast has been causing a few uproars ahead of its release March 17. Not because of the fact that the talking furniture looks much creepier without the goofy touch of animation, or because the story is still about a young girl falling for a beast who's holding her captive, but because of LeFou's crush on Gaston.

Many of us already suspected it back in 1991, but director Bill Condon confirmed that LeFou felt more than a sidekick's admiration for the village beau, Gaston. Seeing as will be Disney's first movie to officially include a gay character, exploring LeFou's character more in depth should be considered a brilliant idea — but not everyone seems to be happy with a movie being inclusive and progressive.

Russia Gave A 16+ Rating To 'Beauty And The Beast'

While an Alabama drive-in theater refused to show the movie after hearing it included a homosexual relationship, the Russian government took it a step further. Russia has a law that prohibits "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations" to minors, so culture minister Vladimir Medinsky reviewed the movie ahead of its release.

The result? Beauty and the Beast will have a 16+ rating attached, a quite ironic restriction for what is first and foremost a children's movie. But Vyacheslav Tyelnov, who's in charge of the film department at the culture ministry, doesn't see this as a problem:

"We are issuing an exhibition license to the movie without any problems. The age restriction will be 16+."

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Maybe Russian parents can show their children the 1991 version again, and encourage them to reflect on the lesson of the movie: Learning to accept people for who they are, despite appearances and stereotypes.

Are you looking forward to the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast?

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