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For those who hadn't heard, Power Rangers premiered worldwide last week. With the domestic debut going well, attention has shifted towards how the film is being received internationally. In particular, the special rating given to Power Rangers in Russia.

'Power Rangers' Receives Adult Rating In Russia

Apparently, the Russian distribution company WDSSPR has bumped up the age restriction for from ages 16 and older to 18 and older for an undetermined reason. But, the change may have to do with the LGBTQ superhero featured in the film.

'Power Rangers' [Credit: Saban Brands / Lionsgate Entertainment]
'Power Rangers' [Credit: Saban Brands / Lionsgate Entertainment]

News of this change comes after Russian politician Vladimir Milonov took to the air on conservative television network Tsargrad to condemn the film for featuring a LGBTQ character. Milonov even went as far as to say he was outraged by a LGBTQ superhero in the movie. Milonov also shared his feelings towards Power Rangers and its director, Dean Isrealite.

"If fascist ideology is banned in our country, then [movies by] the likes of Dean Israelite should be banned first thing."

In the film, Yellow Ranger Trini is played by Becky G. Trini was revealed early on to be the Power Rangers' first LGBTQ Ranger. Her sexual orientation comes up in the movie when Trini mentions she's having "girlfriend" problems. While the references to Trini's sexual orientation were only brief, politicians like Vladimir Milonov did not look kindly on the movie's decision.

'Power Rangers' [Credit: Saban Brands / Lionsgate Entertainment]
'Power Rangers' [Credit: Saban Brands / Lionsgate Entertainment]

Milonov's statements weren't officially on behalf on the Russian government, but other Russian politicians seemed to share Milonov's opinions, thus leading to the rating for Power Rangers being changed.

Sounds Like Russian Politicians Aren't Too Happy About A Gay Superhero

A politician by the name of Alexei Zhuravlev had this to say in regards to Power Rangers and its debut in Russia:

"Some officials don't want to observe laws adopted by the State Duma [lower chamber of Russian Parliament], specifically the law banning gay propaganda among minors."

Zhuravlev's comments prove yet again that the country's political stance on representation in movies could be cause for changes being made, including the adult rating given to Power Rangers when it's classified as appropriate for anyone under the age of 16 in almost every other country around the world.

Nonetheless, the comments made by Russian officials only reinforce the notion of Russia being unwelcoming of LGBTQ characters in television and cinema. We can only hope that acceptance of the LGBTQ community, as it has recently gained momentum in other countries around the world, will soon take place in Russia as well.

'Power Rangers' [Credit: Saban Brands / Lionsgate Entertainment]
'Power Rangers' [Credit: Saban Brands / Lionsgate Entertainment]

What do you think of the ratings change for Power Rangers? Is it in connection with Trini's status as a LGBTQ character in Power Rangers? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Power Rangers is currently in theaters everywhere.

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