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Gilmore Girls was one of those legendary TV programs, for fans it meant everything and we loved each and every one of the characters. However, news has just been leaked that the show could have been even better. Stars Hollow nearly had none other than Ryan Gosling as one of it's residents. The blonde Adonis came close to appearing in show, but sadly he messed up his audition.

Last weekend saw the very first fan festival for the mother-daughter classic and the producers revealed how Gosling was considered for a part. Jami Rudofsky, the casting director for Gilmore Girls told MTV all about the Notebook star's audition:

"Unfortunately, he completely blew the audition. I rolled my eyes because he was late, and he was blond,"

Gosling however, did manage to secure a second audition and blew Rudofsky away with his show-stopping performance. Unfortunately the rest of the producers were not impressed and decided not to welcome the young actor into the now legendary cast. I wonder if the crew still shooting themselves in the collective foot for missing out on one of the biggest names in Hollywood?

In light of this heartbreaking news, I propose we imagine all that could have been and work out who Ryan could have played.

1. A Love Interest For Rory

Now, Rory had quite the mix of boys. There was sensitive Dean who adored Rory but never quite felt up to the standards her grandparents set. Next came Jess, the bad boy the young Gilmore helped to soften, but he too was never deemed worthy for her. It would have been perfect to have Ryan come in and play the perfect on-paper match for the bookworm.

Lorelei would have found him cute and Grandma and Grandpa would have been smitten with his family name. However, as we know it wouldn't have worked out because Rory would need to be single for Logan's proposal. Nonetheless seeing the teenage wooed and dated by a gentleman would have been fun.

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2. Flashback Christopher

We got to hear a lot about Lorelei and Christopher as teenagers and how they bumped uglies at 16 and made Rory, but we never got to see it. Enter Ryan. Gosling would have been the perfect teenage baby-daddy. Imagine watching the two young lovers alone, finally taking the next step in their relationship. In my head the baby making scene would look a lot like this, only in the 80s rather than the 30s:

3. A High School Footballer

According to the casting director, Rudofsky, Ryan was up for the role of high school footballer. However, the thought of Gosling having a bit part is inconceivable. So perhaps instead of just being a footballer, he is instead a phenomenal sportsman.

Ryan's character could have been so good at his sport that he made it all the way nationals, thus bringing fame and fortune to Stars Hollow.

I still can't believe Ryan Gosling was nearly in Gilmore Girls. I still love them both, but I think the producers missed a trick here. Ah well, we still have the revival to look forward to on Netflix next month.


Would you have loved to have seen Ryan Gosling in 'Gilmore Girls'?

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