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Sophie Atkinson

Director is full of surprises. His last two films – The Place Beyond The Pines, Blue Valentine – were indie faves, not least because they featured a lot of the delectable staring moodily into the middle distance.

So what's his next project? Something with a waify male lead, some soft focus camera work and some poignant Grizzly Bear song playing in the background?

No way, Jose. Derek'll be directing ESPN: Those Guys Have All the Fun, a film adaptation of a book about ESPN – yup, the Worldwide Leader in Sports – and working with Fifty Shades of Grey producers and .

De Luca and Brunetti are good picks for the project - they've done similar work with their development of The Social Network (AKA That Facebook Movie).

Personally, I kind of love this idea – Cianfrance is ridiculously talented, but it'll be interesting to see him out of his comfort zone – doing something linear and traditional and blockbuster-tastic.

ESPN will chronicle the cable network's meteoric rise to the top of the pile, using the voices of past and present ESPN big-wigs, including Bill Simmons, Chris Berman and Keith Olbermann.

Sounds fun? Or just plain dullsville? Sound off below!


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