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Calling all American Horror Story fans! With all the clues and horrifying teasers that Ryan Murphy has been releasing over the past few weeks, the mastermind behind the horror himself has taken to Twitter to reveal the date of when we will find out what exactly Season 7 will have in store for us.

Continuing with the teasing, Ryan Murphy also tweeted this:

Traditionally, the theme for each season and the official cast would be announced at the annual Paleyfest panel. That is, until Ryan Murphy and co. decided to shake things up with last year's mysterious Roanoke. Remember? We didn't find out the title or get an official cast list until the night of the premiere. Although this upcoming season seems to be shrouded in secrecy, thankfully it seems like we are going (somewhat) back to the normal formula.

The Fans React

Will it all make sense? Will we get an iconic opening sequence again? Well, not long now until we finally get answers for the highly anticipated election-themed Season 7 of American Horror Story!

What do you think the title could possibly be for Season 7? Leave your thoughts below!


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