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It is that time of year again, where we all scratch our heads and stare at our screens in confusion saying "dafuq?" Ryan Murphy is once again hyping the horror of FX's American Horror Story in the run-up to Season 7 and an election-themed year. With AHS alumni like Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters on board, we also have newcomers like Billie Lourd and Leslie Grossman to up the ante in dread stakes, but still no idea what Murphy's presidential plan is.

Next to creepy clown elephants, Evan Peters dying his hair various colors, and possibly Twisty the Clown, audiences are even more clueless than your average politician. Murphy first posted a sketch of his elephant abomination back in May, and has been slowly drip-feeding us more bewilderment ever since.

Hole In One

For all we know, he could be going full Roanoke and just punking us all with things that are totally irrelevant, but he has taken to Instagram to tease another morbid monstrosity.

Complete with what we assume to be a face, there is also a set of decayed teeth and a pitted tongue too. We can't see if there are any eyes under there, because it appears to be covered by folds of scarred flesh. Aptly titled "American Horror Story Holes," the creature is not one for those of us who suffer with trypophobia. For anyone who doesn't know, trypophobia is a natural fear of holes, meaning sufferers get freaked out by everything from strawberries to sponges. With the season's full name due to be released very soon, it is safe to assume "Holes" won't actually be the suffix for the show's next run.

While we obviously have no idea how this links to Trump/Clinton, note that this latest monster looks slightly similar to the "ambidexterity" creature posted on June 25. Could there be a "hole" army of these things knocking around in DC?

Whatever is coming our way, it looks like the show will be focusing on several fearsome freaks as opposed to just the one. Past Big Bads have included Season 1's Rubber Man, Season 3's Minotaur, and Season 5's Addiction Demon, so where does the Hole Monster fit into this? The picture comes just days after the creepy gagged clown, and even if these monsters are all a joke, someone has gone to a lot of twisted effort to create them.

To be honest, this latest creation looks more like some sort of H.R. Giger Xenomorph than anything remotely presidential, but I am sure it will all make sense when the show premieres in September. Murphy seems to get more and more cryptic every year, and Season 7 looks like it will be a patriotic puzzler that will have us all hiding behind the sofa.


Will we be seeing these monsters in Season 7?


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