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Glee creator, Ryan Murphey has finally confirmed how he intended the beloved show to end. Most dedicated fans have already put two and two together themselves but, it's great to hear the news directly from the horses mouth.

Corey Monteith and Lea Michele

The "happily ever after” for Rachel and Finn that was laid out in the tribute episode by was how intended to end Glee after six seasons.

Murphey confirmed that;

Rachel was going to have become a big Broadway star, the role she was born to play and Finn was going to have become a teacher, settled down happily in Ohio, at peace with his choice and no longer feeling like a Lima loser. The very last line of dialogue was to be this: Rachel comes back to Ohio, fulfilled and yet not, and walks into Finn’s glee club. “What are you doing here?” he would ask. “I’m home,” she would reply. Fade out. The end.

The Glee creators description was exactly what Rachel described during her emotional and tearful monologue during "The Quarterback".

What do you guys think of this ending for Glee?

Source: Deadline Hollywood via Entertainment Weekly Images: Glee Wiki



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