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Like many other Hollywood parents, and strive to ensure that their child stays out of the limelight as much as possible. After months and months of bliss with their little bundle of joy, daughter James, it appears that there maybe be trouble in paradise for the happy parents when it comes to their second child – and it's all because the actor has gone out and shared too much without the consent of his Mrs.

Appearing on Conan O'Brien's talk show at the beginning of November, the actor did two things to wind up his lady. Not only did he share an illicit smooch with the late night show's host in a passionate take-on that scene from The Notebook, but he also revealed the gender of his yet-to-be-birthed child with Blake.

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After keeping fans on their toes for months before revealing the name of their first daughter James, Ryan Reynolds unexpectedly vomited out the following words before realizing that it was too late:

"Two under two is tough! Lot of estrogen. It feels like an American Girl doll just took a s**t on my life. I'll pour some cereal in the morning and there's like a tiny shoe in there. That's a choking hazard for me!"

He then added:

"It's pretty remarkable, you know? I used to say to my wife all the time, 'I can't actually imagine ever loving a second child as much as I love the first.' Then, that baby comes popping out and I acted like I was totally wrong."

So, we take it the second baby is also a girl then?

And while we were all coo-ing and ahh-ing at the prospect of another female addition to the Reynolds-Lively clan, blessed with some of the best genes in Hollywood, Blake clearly wasn't a fan of the big reveal. Yet, according to actress, her husband managed to make it up to her when he returned home with cookies and ice-cold milk to soothe the pain of betrayal:

Well, thank goodness for that.

Do you think Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are the perfect Hollywood family?


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