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In his endless attempt to actually become Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds has been shouting from the rooftops about that time he slurped on Spider-Man's saliva at the Golden Globes, and he's not ready to stop talking about it just yet.

To remind yourself of the time Ryan and Andrew got those fan-fiction loins burning by bringing Spideypool to life, check out the video below:

After stepping up to receive his Man of the Year award from Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Theatricals, reporters were keen to know more about 's lip-lock with Andrew Garfield. Specifically, whether he preferred kissing his actual wife or some random bloke at a table for the publicity and lols. Unsurprisingly, Reynolds went with the former:

"I'm going to go with my wife on that one, for a number of reasons. Make no mistake, Andrew Garfield is a wonderful kisser. Very generous. A real darting tongue."

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So, there you have it, if you ever have a chance to smooch or Blake Lively, you should probably choose her. Unless you want to do it upside-down, of course.

Is Ryan Reynolds just method acting as Deadpool on a daily basis by this point? Discuss.


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