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Warning: If you're the kind of person who thinks all superheroes should be hetero, this article contains traces of gay talk which may upset your delicate sensibilities.

Besides being fresher, funnier and filthier than any other superhero movie in a long time, was, in various ways, quite a groundbreaking movie — not just the fourth wall-breakage or the meta digs at 's history of major misfires with superheroes, but in presenting a bisexual male as the hero of a film aimed squarely at an audience made up by a majority of straight men.

As rare as that is, though, the movie itself didn't follow through on the marketing by actually putting Wade Wilson in any kind of situation with a man. That's fine — his commitment to Vanessa was the emotional core of the movie, and it was great. But it means that the debate about whether Deadpool is truly "pansexual" (attracted to personality rather than gender) hasn't yet been settled, and in a new interview Ryan Reynolds has hinted that he'd like to explore that further in .

For context, numerous Marvel writers such as Gerry Duggan have stated that Wade is into both sexes (or "ready and willing to do anything with a pulse"). Even in the comics, though, that's something we haven't actually seen demonstrated — most of his guy-targeted flirtation (there's a ton of it in the amazing Spider-man/Deadpool comic series) is played for lolz, more bromance than romance.

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Essentially, Deadpool comes off as the straight bro who'll flirt with his guy friends, but probably isn't thinking about what's under their costumes. Rob Liefeld, the comic writer who originally created Wade Wilson, wasn't exactly overjoyed about Tim Miller and Reynolds promoting Deadpool's supposed pansexuality in the build-up to the first movie:

With Miller now out of the picture for Deadpool 2, it's Ryan Reynolds calling the shots, and in a new interview with Variety the actor hyped up the possibility that we might actually get a better idea of Wilson's sexuality:

"What love is to Deadpool may not be what love is to Batman or someone else. I think that could be played up more. He’s an outsider in every way, shape, and form. The only thing that you have to consider going forward is, ‘Are we being faithful to the canon that we nurtured and created?’. One of those things is that Deadpool is in love with Vanessa. Deadpool isn’t in love with Vanessa just because she’s a woman. He’s in love with Vanessa because he loves her."

Although it would be insane to throw away the relationship between Wade and Vanessa (especially if she's going to become Copycat at some point), there are other ways to acknowledge Wade's sexuality on-screen — a threesome with a guy, or some classic Tumblr-sponsored Spider-Man fan edit porn on his computer, would do the trick quite nicely without ruining anything that's canon.

Rhett Reese, co-writer of Deadpool 2, also told Variety of his intention to help Deadpool "evolve" and push the boundaries in sexuality terms. Intention is great, but ultimately it's up to he and Reynolds to make sure it actually happens if they're serious about Deadpool's sexuality being more than just a marketing ploy.

Deadpool 2 begins shooting soon and hits theaters early 2018.

Is Ryan Reynolds just using talk of Deadpool's sexuality to maximise the new movie's potential audience, or could we really see Deadpool get jiggy with a guy?

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