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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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There have always been a bunch of spooky similarities between Ryan Reynolds and his on-screen superpersona Deadpool, and he certainly didn't mince his words with his latest Deadpool-tastic Facebook post.

Reynolds met Deadpool fan Connor McGrath through Make-A-Wish Foundation before the kid lost his life to cancer, and Reynolds made this heartfelt post in honor of what would have been Connor's 14th birthday:

"My friend Connor McGrath would have been 14 years old tomorrow,” Reynolds posted to Facebook. “He isn't here now, but he stuck around long enough to make everyone he knew fall over laughing. Right up to the very end he was as quick with a joke as he was with a [email protected] brought us together and nothing — not even a cowardly, fuckfaced thing called cancer can take that away. Sending his amazing parents, Kim and Gerald McGrath crisp high fives and bear-hugs of love. Anything you do to support your local Make-A-Wish Foundation is alright with me."

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If you want to show your support to kids like Connor, you can donate at Make-A-Wish.

Let's all do a superhero landing in honor of brave kids like Connor:


Is Ryan Reynolds a total badass like Deadpool himself?


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