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Ever since Wade Wilson broke the fourth wall to tease audiences about Deadpool 2, fans have been waiting for Ryan Reynolds to show up again as the Merc with a Mouth. With a 2018 release date, a jacked-up Cable and a shredded Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2 looks all set to put the Chimichanga-laden hype train on track.

After being cast as Cable in the R-rated sequel, has been hitting the gym pretty hard, as was evident from his naked Instagram selfie. On the other hand, Reynolds (who is also known for his pristine physique) has been a little camera-shy since filming began. So, to set the records straight, Reynolds's personal trainer Don Saladino has shared a ripped photo of the actor, while telling Brolin that he still has work to do.

In order to avoid tiring themselves before shooting, actors usually do the bulk of their work-out before production and perform their shirtless scenes during the first few days of filming. While actors tend to look less and less in shape (although still impressively toned) as shooting goes on, Ryan Reynolds still looks ripped three months into filming.

However, this is not the first time Reynolds has bulked up in order to play the potty-mouthed mercenary. In fact, the actor was so psyched to play that he ended up being too muscular for the role. That's why, according to Tim Miller, they had to remove all the artificial muscle layer to get Reynolds into his superhero suit:

"I think it’s worth noting, usually in these costumes you have a muscle suit underneath. Because nobody is so ripped that it can show up underneath this costume, and so, even Superman and all those guys have a muscle suit underneath, a kind of polyurethane kind of thing and so we had one built for Ryan and then we didn’t need it. So we dropped all the muscle suit and that’s all 100 percent USDA Ryan Reynolds underneath. But it looks great because the costume kind of slims him back down, which is to what I think is the quintessential Deadpool."

Don Saladino: The Man Who Makes Superheroes

While fans should be eternally thankful to Don Saladino for transforming Ryan Reynolds into Wade Wilson, he should also be lauded for his other collaborations as well. From Black Widow to the Winter Soldier, Saladino has been as much of a as the ones we see on-screen.

There is no doubt that Ryan Reynolds had utilized his charm and style to provide the best rendition of Deadpool for his fans. However, Don Saladino also deserves credit for helping Reynolds nail the physicality of the fourth-wall-breaking mercenary. Although Deadpool 2 isn't coming out until June 2018, you know who you should be thanking when we finally see Wade's physicality on the big screen.

What do you think of Ryan Reynolds's ripped physique? Let me know in the comments.

(Source: Don Saladino Instagram)


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