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Now, while we can finally be certain that 's doesn't in fact have a post-credits scene featuring the company's new tent-pole hero, — something that was heavily rumored, and widely expected to be the case — that doesn't mean that the two heroes aren't still fairly closely entangled. After all, himself, , seems to have become rather close buds with the man inside that red suit, — a friendship that appears to largely express itself via online trolling and assorted petty cruelty on social media.

As such, we probably shouldn't be too surprised that:

Ryan Reynolds Is Still Trolling Hugh Jackman Over 'Logan', It Seems

Reynolds, after all, has made something of a niche for himself as Hollywood's resident class clown, making a snarky response to Jackman's recent tweet from Beijing (above) all but inevitable.

Inevitability, though, doesn't stop something from being absolutely delightful, in the manner of, say, Reynolds's response below:

And so, the circle of life continues, unabated. Deadpool mocks Wolverine, Wolverine retires from public life, Deadpool tracks Wolverine down and forces him to appear in his new movie somehow. Y'know, the usual routine.

What do you think, though? Should we just join together and pay Ryan Reynolds to tweet professionally at this point? Let us know below!


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