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Move over Blake Lively, because looks like he's become Deadpool's new breau in chief. Gyllenhaal and Deadpool actor have been working together on the new sci-fi thriller , and are currently doing the grueling press tour dance, which usually produces fantastic, sleep-deprived gems from even the greatest actors after they've been asked the same question for the 10,000 time.

The interview with Fox 5 starts off normally enough, but quickly descends into pure hilarity after the interviewer gives them both Deadpool tie pins. Cue the actors try to wear them as earrings, going down the NSFW path about "one-ers," joking about their chairs being labeled and what that says about their intelligence levels, and debating how high people will think they are in this interview. Check out the best bits:

'Thank you so much' *toss*

[Credit: Fox 5 DC]
[Credit: Fox 5 DC]

The interviewer gives them both little Deadpool tie pins, and Gyllenhaal sarcastically thanks him and tosses it right away. As you can see, Ryan just cannot handle Jake's Deadpool love.

'Somebody from Sony's coming in right now'

[Credit: Fox 5 DC]
[Credit: Fox 5 DC]

Ryan pretends to be shot with a poison dart from a Sony assassin after Jake's Deadpool dig, simultaneously revealing that their seats have their names on them, which they later crack up about.

See also:

'Sup, dude'

[Credit: Fox 5 DC]
[Credit: Fox 5 DC]

While the interviewer is trying to get things back on course, asking about a continuous tracking shot at the beginning of Life, the two jokesters are trying to wear their tie pins as earrings.

'Hey fuckers, let’s get it together or let’s get out of fuck town!'

[Credit: Fox 5 DC]
[Credit: Fox 5 DC]

Ryan then tries to seriously answer the question about the tracking shot, calling it a "one-er," but the two quickly break down again because it just sounds so ... wrong. Jokes about foreplay ensue, but the real question is, what's a "two-er"?

Watch the full interview below. I dare you not to laugh!

Looks like there is some serious love between these two! Can we get Gyllenhaal in Deadpool 2, pretty please with a two-er on top?

And, although the interview didn't really address it, if you're curious about Life, be sure to check out the trailer:

Life also stars Rebecca Ferguson and comes out nationwide on March 24.

Jake and Ryan: best celeb buddies? If not, which celeb duo is your favorite?


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