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Is there ever any good news coming out of the Highlander reboot? First, the movie has plowed through a stable of writers like Iron Man's and Twilight's , as well as directors and . Now, , the man who was supposed to embody Highlander's Connor MacLeod is no longer attached to the project.

Summit will reportedly continue to look for writers and directors (and now actors) for the project, but I'm curious as to who the target audience for this reboot is going to be. Naturally, it seems like with Renolds' wide appeal, they're looking to make this as easily accessible as possible. While I definitely think there's a place for ancient battles being carried out in modern times (just look at the success of The Vampire Diaries), I'm not sure fans of are really going to be clamoring for any kind of remake to happen. At least to me, Highlander has always been a niche series to begin with -- not a Ryan Reynolds blockbuster.

What do you think? Are you excited for a Highlander reboot? Let me know who you'd want to play Connor MacLeod.

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