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Legendary's live-action Pokémon movie, Detective Pikachu, has been charging full-steam ahead in the past month. The cast has grown in the last few weeks with The Get Down's Justice Smith having been cast in the lead role and shortly after that, Kathryn Newton of Big Little Lies and Supernatural landing the role opposite Smith. Now the Pokémon family is set to get even bigger with one very familiar and fan-favorite face set to join the cast—er, voice, at least.

THR is reporting that Ryan Reynolds has been cast as the voice of Detective Pikachu himself. Earlier this year there were rumors swirling that Legendary was eyeballing some big-name talent for the role, including the likes of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Mark Wahlberg, and they've certainly landed their recognizable star in Reynolds. There's not a person out there who doesn't know him after the success of Deadpool, and his distinctive voice - which is good, considering the role is set to be all motion capture. While I'm sitting here wondering what a totally mocapped Pikachu would look like, I think we can all agree there will likely be fewer f-bombs.

We finally have some more information about the plot of the film, too. Up to this point, we only knew it would be loosely based on the Great Detective Pikachu video game; at the time of Smith's and Newton's castings, it was unclear what roles they'd be playing. But The Hollywood Reporter revealed a bit about the plot:

The story is kicked into gear when Smith's character's father is kidnapped, forcing the teen to team up with Pikachu in order to find him. Newton is a sassy journalist who helps them on their quest.

That is incredibly different than the video game, which involved a boy, Tim Goodman, running into Pikachu and them running around solving minor crimes in the city, like stolen jewelry.

Everything appears to be zipping along nicely for the film, set to begin shooting in mid-January in London. The script, written by Alex Hirsch and Nicole Perlman, is ready to go, and the film has lined up Rob Letterman to direct. With the final (and arguably most important) puzzle piece of the cast in place in Reynolds, Legendary has to feel good about the potential for this movie to be a monster hit. There's still no set release date for the film yet, but we should expect to hear something soon.

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