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While some of us were busily stitching two pairs of underpants together in the hopes of replicating #MargotRobbie's #SuicideSquad look, #TaylorSwift was ten steps ahead of everyone, showcasing the fact that she might be quirky, but she's hardly a regular girl. Rather than donning the same ultra-popular costume as DC hottie of the moment, Harley Quinn, Swift opted for an even more #Marvel-ous character with arguably saucier sex appeal: #Deadpool.

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But she wasn't just any old DIY Deadpool or Party City knock-off. Oh no. In case you'd forgotten, T-Swift is friends with LOTS of famous people, not just the ones in her immediate #squad. One of these celebs just so happens to Deadpool himself, #RyanReynolds. And because they are such good friends, Reynolds agreed to loan Taylor the legitimate, genuine, actual Deadpool #costume from the movie.

As if publicly reaffirming her friendship with Ryan Reynolds and sporting the coolest supersuit of the decade wasn't enough, the gorgeous #BlakeLively (wife of Ryan Reynolds and sometime member of the #TSwiftSquad) chimed in the comments section to signal her approval of the whole thing:

Source: Taylor Swift via Instagram
Source: Taylor Swift via Instagram

It's fine, we're not jealous. Whatever.

You know who's probably jealous? #ZaynMalik, since he asked to borrow that costume six months ago.

Maybe next year, Zayn.


Who wore it better: Taylor or Ryan?

Deadpool goes with everything. Don't believe us? Check out the clip below of Deadpool taking over Titanic.