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Sure, might have made waves for being an R-rated superhero movie chock full of ultra-violence, but it has nothing on the most disturbing movie moment Ryan Reynolds has ever seen during his varied career.

Whereas the head-smashing, arm-severing, blood-fountaining violence in Deadpool was the work of incredible special effects and masterfully choreographed fight scenes, filming Safe House with Denzel Washington was a different matter.

If you haven't seen the 2012 action-thriller yet, you can get the general tone from the trailer below before I share just what was so scarring about the shoot:

The movie sees Ryan Reynolds playing a young CIA agent named Matt Weston who is in charge of a safe house in Cape Town. Soon Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington), a dangerous rogue CIA agent is captured and stowed away in the house, but during his interrogation the house is stormed by mercenaries and Weston and Frost are thrown into an unlikely partnership.

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It is during the aforementioned interrogation where Reynolds experienced the most harrowing moment of his career thanks to Washington's dedication to the role. During a waterboarding scene, Denzel insisted on the torture procedure being applied to him for real while Ryan was present and the result was scarring. According to Reynolds:

Washington's own words on the experience, which basically simulates drowning, undermined the techniques effectiveness as a method to extract reliable information from a suspect:

"No, I’m not claustrophobic and I don’t want to give it away, but the car wasn’t moving. [Laughs] And I knew how to get out! But no, it didn’t bother me. The waterboarding was close to real and I really wanted to get into it and see what it felt like. It doesn’t feel good. You’d give up the answers! [Laughs]"

To see the scene in question, skip to around the two minute mark of the video below and remember that this is happening for real:

Sure, Deadpool might be a harsher movie when it comes to violence in a lot of ways, but at least nobody got hurt.


Are you surprised this is the most harrowing movie moment of Ryan Reynolds's career?

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