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If there's one thing that's more frustrating than spending time and money on prom accessories (the dress, the hair, etc), it's breaking up with your boyfriend two days later. That's what happened to high school student, Gabi Dunn. But instead of reliving the horrible reminder every time she looks back on her prom photos, Gabi decided to Photoshop her date out and upgrade — and I mean, replace — him with Ryan Reynolds.

Being the quick-witted Twitter fiend that we all know and love, saw the photo and seemingly gave his approval by saying:

We should photoshop me over his yearbook picture next.

Thankfully, there are no hard feelings between Gabi and her ex, and they are still friends. Gabi took Reynolds' response with the same sarcastic humor, responding with an apology for dragging him into her "boyfriend drama," and a reminder to see him in therapy:

4 Times Ryan Reynolds' Twitter Responses Were Pure Gold

We're even more thankful for Reynolds keeping his Twitter game strong by entertaining us outside of the big screen. He routinely responds to his fans, no matter how strange their interactions might get — like that one time someone wanted to know what was up with his hair in the Sabrina the Teenage Witch movie:

And in case there is ever any confusion about the difference between him and Ryan Gosling, he cleared that up too:

He's also got a unique gift of dishing out the best parental advice to those who may need it:

And apparently, the stranger the conversation, the more likely Reynolds is to respond:

Ryan Reynolds, ladies and gentleman, proving time and time again there's a reason Marvel chose him to play the sarcastic Merc with a Mouth for the Deadpool films.

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