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Ever since Wade Wilson shooed off the audience in true Ferris Bueller fashion with a Deadpool 2 tease, fans of the Merc with a Mouth have been eagerly awaiting his return. However, as the movie doesn't come out until 2018, behind-the-scenes images and teasers have kept the Chimichanga-laden hype train going. As Ryan Reynolds has been the biggest contributor of such photos, he has channeled his Deadpool alter-ego once again to announce that Deadpool 2 has officially wrapped shooting – while also sharing the film's first easter egg.

Ryan Reynolds Thanks Cast And Crew

Once shooting ends, most actors try their best to shed the character's features and transition back to normality. Reynolds, on the other hand, lives, eats and breathes like Wade Wilson every second of his life. Thanks to that, fans of the red-suited assassin have been treated to a multitude of hilariously captioned on-set photos, and his latest Instagram post is no different.

"That’s a wrap on DEADPOOL 2: A SONG OF FIRE AND ICE! Thank you to our beloved Captain, Mr. @davidmleitch... words are too clumsy to properly acknowledge your giant heart and talent. I love my hometown of Vancouver and our obscenely gifted crew. From our PA’s, (who are first in and last out) to our set decorators and prop department, riddling this film with Easter Eggs in almost every scene... Thank you. I already miss being on set. Which is why I’ve decided to continue shooting the film in my underwear from Josh Brolin’s well appointed living room. "

Apart from providing a brief shout-out to and Josh Brolin's underwear, Reynolds managed to sneak in a reference to his comic-book counterpart's connection with The Golden Girls by naming his katanas Bea and Arthur. This also serves as a callback to Wade and Vanessa's first date, where he was spotted wearing a Bea Arthur tank top.

(Credit: Fox)
(Credit: Fox)

Considering how Reynolds also has a shared history with Daniel Saks (Bea Arthur's son), fans should laud his continued efforts to merge his real life with 's, in order to provide the best cinematic rendition of the antihero.

However, despite efforts to keep the movie away from complications, Deadpool 2 has been through a tumultuous filming process after the untimely demise of Joi Harris. Although the cast and crew were given a 48-hour shutdown to deal with the tragedy of this situation, we can't imagine the strength it would've taken to get back on set. While watching a film, as we tend to forget how many more like Harris are involved in the making a movie, it was heartening to see Reynolds acknowledge the efforts of Deadpool 2's crew, and remind us to sit through the credits as a sign of respect.

As Deadpool 2 has finished shooting, fans of the trigger-happy mercenary can expect a trailer to drop very soon. Given how Reynolds has mentioned that the movie is loaded with Easter Eggs, there's no doubt that the teaser will be laden with references to pop culture and potshots on other superhero universes. In addition to that, as Josh Brolin's turn as Cable and Zazie Beetz's performance as Domino has created quite the buzz within the fandom, we certainly can't wait to see them in action alongside Reynolds's Deadpool.

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(Source: Ryan Reynolds Instagram , Cinemablend)


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