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Movie star Ryan Reynolds's may be the world's luckiest man, he blessed with incredible good looks, he has the stunner of a wife, Blake Lively, on his arm and they have the cutest daughter in James. Well, Ryan is about to get even luckier, as Blake is expecting an imminent new arrival: a brand new baby Reynolds. The couple should be welcoming their second bundle of joy anytime soon. So in anticipation of Ryan Reynolds's new baby we take a look at all the times he won the 'Best Dad' award on Twitter.

1. He Picks Appropriate Playdates

A slight dig at all those parents posting 'first day at school' pics, and it's hilarious. Though we think as soon as it's James' time to go off to school, Reynolds will be a blubbering mess.

2. Ryan Says Yes To The Breast

Now that's an image we didn't need. We suppose that with daughter James being born in 2014 and the new arrival expected any day now, Blake probably isn't going to have much of a break between breast feeding and bottles. Maybe Ryan is a tad jealous?

3. No Child Of His Will Be A Spoilt Brat

Some people may argue you can't call a child an asshole, but we guess he just did. We're guessing James gets her tastes from her mother then.

4. Ryan Ensures The Best Possible Care For His Daughter

I mean, it's a mistake we've all made. But admittedly it's a mistake you only make once.

5. He's Come To Terms With The Fact That All Children Hate Their Parents

James sounds like an adorable bad-ass, singing along to Miley, whilst starring at Ryan in the rear view mirror with evil intent in her eyes.

6. The Reynolds's Baby Did Not Come With A Manual

When James grows up and reads her daddy's tweets she either going to be deadly embarrassed or find them hilarious. What's more with a new one on the way, that's twice as many bats Ryan has to deal with.

7. Ryan + Screaming Baby + Airplane = Vasectomy

It's probably a bit too late for that now Ryan, considering Blake will be in labor anytime now. Maybe something to think about for the future?

8. Reynolds's Parenting Guide: Vol 2

If the new arrival has half the talent and looks of their parents, it doesn't seem like a bad idea at all.

9. A Baby Is The Greatest Gift Of All

Sorry Ryan, your Van Wilder days are over. You've swapped Jäger for formula and we reckon you're secretly ok with that.

10. Coloring Is A Pleasant Activity Both Parent And Child Can Do Together

We wonder if Blake reads these tweets and realizes that while yes she may have one daughter and another baby on the way, she's married to the biggest child of them all?

11. Morality Is Important To Teach Your Child

We really want to see the pictures he's using to explain this, they probably would have made high school history a hell of a lot easier.

12. Ryan's Seed Goes International

Being a father definitely means responsibility and we're pleased that wherever his secret love children might be, Reynolds is there for them. What a guy!

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13. Being A Parent Doesn't Have To Change Anything

We love that Ryan has kept his priorities and is looking after himself despite the hectic parenting requirements. It's only going to get more frantic with baby two on the way.

14. Ryan Teaches Us To Find Your Child's Talent And Nurture it

Maybe he's been teaching James some Deadpool moves, but by the sounds of it, she needs more practice. Let's hope Ryan doesn't pitch the two kids against each other.

15. Always Remember Patience Is A Virtue

Can Ryan and James please just get their own reality show? It would be TV gold, although we don't know how Blake would feel about the filming of the birth of the newest addition.

16. Ryan Teaches Us That Storytime Is Quiet, Bonding Time

We'd all buy it, let's be honest. Can we put in a request though? Pop-ups, please Ryan!

17. Reynolds's Reminds New Parents Not To Change Who They Are

It's important for grown-ups to retain a sense of who they are when they become parents, although fourteen years does seem a little extreme.

18. Have Faith In Yourself As A Parent

Ryan has voiced the fear every new parent feels, only his voice is hilarious and is heard by millions of people. We hope he's feeling more up to the job for his second child.

19. Nursery Rhymes Can Be Fun AND Educational

Along with the bedtime storybook, Ryan should definitely get to work on a book of nursery rhymes that are both informative and entertaining. The new baby has so much to look forward to.

20. Ryan Would Do Anything For His Daughter, Well Almost Anything

What an absolute hero, we bet he cannot wait for the birth of baby number two and no doubt Blake Lively is looking forward to not being pregnant in this heat.

Watch this adorable video of Ryan talking slightly more truthfully about being a daddy.

To Ryan, Blake and James, we wish you all the best for the upcoming arrival of baby number two. We hope everything goes smoothly and you're blessed with another bundle of joy and well, we're very much looking forward to more of Ryan's parenting tweets.

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