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Tino Jochimsen

Sacha Baron Cohen's next starring vehicle, the comedy Grimsby will be released in theaters July 31, 2015.

The spy comedy follows the explosive team-up of a suave British spy and his idiotic soccer hooligan brother (played by Cohen) and will be distributed by Sony Pictures (instead of Paramount who held the rights to the movie beforehand). The company got a rather unusual endorsement by Cohen (via Deadline) who singled them out for having distributed The Wolf of Wall Street.

As the actor is currently sojourning in Southern France, the message is in French... of course.

“N’importe quel studio ne met un film où Leonardo di Caprio renifle de la cocaïne de l’anus d’une prostituée est un endroit que je suis heureux d’appeler à la maison.”

Which apparently (my French is a bit rusty... ahem) translates to:

“Any studio that puts out a movie where Leonardo DiCaprio snorts cocaine from a hooker’s anus is a place I’m happy to call home.”

As they say: home is where the heart is!

Are you looking forward to Grimsby?


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