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Because Valentine’s day is quite a holiday, big companies have upped their advertising game. Take for example the number one fast food chain in the Philippines, Jollibee, who released a series of love-centered commercials in time for Valentine’s week.

The commercials are heart-warming and heart-breaking in equal measure, and show the different kinds of love – unrequited, familial, and patient. As the trolls from Frozen would say, ‘only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart’, and these set of commercials just thawed mine. Check out the tear-inducing and heartfelt videos below.

3. Vow

The first scene of this commercial gives us the impression that the girl and the guy would end up together, and he's just narrating their love story. As the video continues, though, we see that's sadly not the case. Maybe he never tried to ask her out, or they just agreed to be just best friends, or due to some other circumstance, they were just not meant to be. Nevertheless, let's take a moment of silence for everyone in the friendzone — our brave brothers and sisters loving from afar, never asking for anything in return.

2. Crush

As the end of this commercial says, this one's for 'those who didn't give up on love' — you will have no regrets in the end. This is a much better and more positive commercial than Vow, and it will just bring a smile to your face. Just think, you could actually end up with the girl you pampered with cheese burgers and encouraging notes. D'aww.

Want some more romantic stories in your life? We've got you covered.

1. Date

Date is perhaps even more tear-inducing than Vow, because of its twist on the idea that the son & father might be reunited. The ending was truly something that tugged at my heartstrings. Like those promised stories of true love that last forever, this last commercial reminded us that even in death, those who love us will always want us to put our happiness first.

These commercials based on true stories remind us that love is something universal; it's also unique for each one of us. Valentine's Day isn't just Saint Valentine's death anniversary, or some highly commercialized holiday. Every day can feel like Valentine's day when we acknowledge that even with the little things — love is all around us.


Which of Jollibee's Valentine series commercial touched you the most?


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