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In comparison to the fiery speeches at this year's Screen Actors Guild awards, the celebs who usually sprinkle glitter up and down the red carpet played it fairly safe. Gone (mostly) were the sequined fembots and ruffled cupcake gowns we saw at the Golden Globes, gone were the itsy skirts and powerful pant suits from the People's Choice — on this occasion the fashion show was a bit, um, boring.

However, that's not to say there weren't a few head-turners in the running — but whether that was for good reason or bad I'll leave you to decide.

1. Sophie Turner

Someone get Sophie some water 'cause this dress is fiyah!

2. Maisie Williams


3. Brie Larson

Captain Marvel a.k.a. Carol DAYUM GIRL.

4. Sarah Paulson


5. Chrissy Teigen

Siren alert!

6. Taraji P. Henson

No wonder this woman has her own Empire.

7. Amy Adams

Bringing that American Hustle and looking classy AF, as per.

8. Kaley Cuoco*

*No unicorns or daydreams were harmed in the making of this dress.

9. Michelle Williams & Busy Phillips

Went as gift-wrapped presents to each other.

10. Kerry Washington


See also:

11. Nicole Kidman

Came as a festive parrot.

12. Emma Stone


13. Natalie Portman

Rolled out of bed, and brought the bedding with her.

14. Kate Hudson

Party at the top, confused on the bottom.

15. Selma Hayek

Drew inspo from that custard thing you're usually force fed at grandma's house.

16. Bryce Dallas Howard

Jessica Rabbit eat yo' heart out.

17. Meryl Streep

Looked flocking fabulous.

18. Sofia Vegara

Knows how to mancessorize.

19. Viola Davis

Bow down, bitches.

20. Claire Foy

Claire Coy, more like. So cute!

21. Yara Shahidi

Bright, bold and absolutely beautiful!

22. 'Stranger Things' Gang

Just a causal bunch of dapper dudes.

23. Thandie Newton

Ferris wail.

Whose SAG red carpet look gets your vote?


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