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The Sailor Moon anime franchise has endured two decades of competition from other series attempting to tap into the Magical girl genre, but none have matched the show's success and fan love. With new merchandise being released, a new stage show in development, and the continuation of Sailor Moon Crystal, fans have been buzzing all year. However, news has now surfaced that shifts fan expectations for the forth season of Sailor Moon Crystal.

The Big Announcement

'Sailor Moon Crystal' [Credit: Toei Animation / Viz Media]
'Sailor Moon Crystal' [Credit: Toei Animation / Viz Media]

The Sailor Moon website announced that rather than a season covering the fourth story arc "Dream," fans can now expect a pair of theatrical films instead. This has surprised fans, given how Sailor Moon Crystal has remained pretty loyal to the source manga. This resulted in roughly 13 episode per story arc, meaning the films would run for at least two hours each.

What We Know

'Sailor Moon Crystal' [Credit: Toei Animation / Viz Media]
'Sailor Moon Crystal' [Credit: Toei Animation / Viz Media]

We actually do not know very much at the moment about the two films, save who is directing them. Set to return is director Chiaki Kon, who took control of the show after its first two seasons. Fans received her direction more favorably than her predecessor, Munehisa Sakai, which means fans can enjoy the better animation quality.

We can also presume the films will follow the manga source, as is the standard for Sailor Moon Crystal. This will mean we can look forward to the Dead Moon Circus entering to face our Sailor Senshi, major power-ups for many of our heroes, and more of the mythology of the Silver Millennium era depicted. This should include Sailor Moon's coronation and showcase the start of the kingdom fans have dreamed of living in.

What We Can Hope For

'Sailor Moon Crystal' [Credit: Toei Animation / Viz Media]
'Sailor Moon Crystal' [Credit: Toei Animation / Viz Media]

With the arc set to be a pair of films, hopefully not too much is cut from the manga storyline to reduce runtime. One of Sailor Moon Crystal's virtues is the way it has remained loyal to its source material. The original 1990s series was well loved by fans, but it created its own story, only borrowing certain elements from the manga. The original series is a major factor behind fan's love for . However, Sailor Moon Crystal gave many fans a story they had never seen before.

Cutting too much from the films could jeopardize the final story arc in Sailor Moon Crystal. If the creators wish to keep the fans happy they must look at the elements we have come to love in the new show. This is the manga story being told, plain and simple. While some have complained that characters are not as developed as their 1990s anime counterparts, the manga story gives us a far darker plot than the original series.

Stay tuned for more news as it is revealed.


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