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Whether it's dragging ourselves out of bed at a reasonable hour or hitting the gym on a regular basis, we all struggle with self-discipline in some way or another. It might be difficult to imagine some of the most admired Hollywood stars feeling the same way, but Salma Hayek is here to dispel any misconceptions that A-listers find it easy to stay disciplined - despite working in an industry with specific body standards. In fact, Hayek recently spoken to The EDIT about an array of issues such as self-discipline and what that means in an industry that is continually obsessed with body image.

Salma Hayek Loves Curves!

Hayek, who's known for her curvaceous figure, discussed how fashion can difficult if you're on the curvier side, making it much harder to find clothes that fit. With a poetic comment, she describes curves as an energy that oscillates.

"I was born in the wrong era; with [big] boobs, it’s impossible to find the right thing. I’m sure the ’50s or ’70s would have suited me. But I love the word ‘curvy’; it’s artistic. It’s a beautiful image, there is a flow to it. A straight line can be boring. You have to think about energy, the beauty of sound. Sound doesn’t travel in lines – it oscillates. Energy is oscillations: water is curvy, vibration is curvy. It’s sexy and it’s powerful. I’m not going to lie to you, I would like the curve to go in instead of out in some places, but I love a little curve."

Curves may not always behave the way we would like, Hayek notes, but she loves regardless. The interview, which showed Salma Hayek's good nature and wonderful outlook on life, also touched upon important topics such as life, motivation and menopause.

Salma Hayek Shares Her Views On Menopause And Motivation

Although we rarely hear celebrities discuss menopause, Hayek isn't scared to talk about the challenges she faces because of her shape or the realities of growing older. While discussing menopause, Salma gave a piece of advice that can also be applied to many different situations in our lives.

"If you are not there yet, visualize that you’re going to go through it with no problems!"

"Being present and being inspired, especially by the simple things in life."

So, there you have it, a little positivity goes a long way - even if your resolutions don't.

Hayek urges everyone to keep trying their best, pushing ourselves and our communities to constantly improve. Even if that version of 'better' isn't necessarily Hollywood-approved.

Salma Hayek's upcoming movie, The Hitman's Bodyguard, is set to hit theaters August 18. If you need more Hayek in your life, check out the trailer below!

[Source: The EDIT]


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