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When you visit a friend's house for dinner, the last thing you expect is to help out with the housework. Everybody knows it's the host's job to make the guest feel comfortable, giving them a pleasant evening that will truly show how much they mean to the host. However, the exact opposite happened when Salma Hayek, the Oscar-nominated actress known for Frida and Desperado, visited the Merc with a Mouth's house for dinner.

recently posted on Instagram while visiting the humble abode belonging to Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively. Surprisingly, Hayek found herself doing the cooking (and the babysitting!) instead of the relaxing dinner she might have expected beforehand.

Though the set-up behind this comedic turn of events may never be revealed, it's pretty obvious that everyone was having a good time. Hayek's comments are clearly in jest, as seen by her beaming smile and a very supportive Reynolds in the background.

So, Is Ryan Reynolds Actually The Perfect Host?

Although Hayek seems to have her hands full at the Reynolds residence, the Deadpool actor's kind nature and humorous qualities surely makes him a great host. As most fans will know, the actor is known for being a goofball who always loves to mess around. For example, Reynolds and his Life co-star Jake Gyllenhaal recently turned serious press junkets into "useless" laugh riots where he proudly claimed to have never read anything after his childhood. So, Hayek is just the latest person to fall victim to Reynolds' shenanigans, and it's unlikely that she'll be the last.

Coincidentally, this is not the first time Hayek stopped by Reynolds's home for a friendly visit. She made her support for the actor known last year when she dropped by to congratulate him for his record-breaking passion project, .

Reynolds and Hayek will be joining each other on the big screen in the upcoming action movie , which also stars Samuel L. Jackson. The film sees Reynolds hired as Jackson's bodyguard, despite being enemies that tried to kill each other countless times in the past. Hayek will be playing Jackson's wife in the action-packed buddy-comedy that's expected to be filled to the brim with gunshots, punches and numerous F-bombs.

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