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Just when we thought we might implode with joy over the fact that Beyoncé was bringing an army of Carters into the world, none other than Salt Bae has gone and seasoned Leonardo DiCaprio's steak, sparking another Internet meltdown.

Unless you've actually been squatting under a rock somewhere for all of 2017, you'd know that the bae in question is Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, whose visage has been gloriously splashed over a number of memes of him doing some sexy salting of meats. Here he is for reference, cutting through some ribs like its an art form:

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And here are some examples of the memes, showing him sprinkling some sodium chloride like its fairy dust:

In fact, it appears that Salt Bae has become such a cultural phenomenon that even himself couldn't avoid being seduced by his salt sprinkling ways during a trip to Dubai. Yes folks, we finally got our collision of two baes when Leo and our seasoning maestro crossed paths the other day over a hunk of protein:

Ahead of the 2017 , the Hollywood heartthrob wore a newsboy cap as he chewed on a tooth pick and looked on in awe as Salt Bae elegantly lifted his forearm like the salty God that he is and did what he does best.

The moment of savoury goodness was everything and more. We love you, Salt Bae.


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